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10/13/09 06:45 am - blue lolies

well it's been a while since I last posted,   I visited my Grandma in July, ended up staying longer than  planned,  and realized in that time that I didnt(and still dont) know what I want to do for the rest of my life, and that I cannot live under the same roof as that woman without wanting to cut myself. anyway I got into an adult school(to get my GED) here I only have to go tuesdays and thursdays and it's been realy great.

5/19/09 03:49 pm - to all the personel worried about my absence...

No I have not fallen off the planet.. nor have I hitched a ride on the Star-ship Enterprise - athough it would be nice if I had   the reality, I have been caught up with a new obssesion, the show Heroes. and damn it is fucking awesome!  anyway I finaly watched all of season three.. well all that is avaliable on the WWW as of today.... and and now I will... probebly be back to berrate  you and pester you and tell you how bad my day is... aren't you lucky!

in other news, in additon to my Heroes' obsession i have actualy got quite a bit of writing done on my Icarly Fan fic, however it is far from completion. I may or may not have finished the first chapter,  I can't decide if I like it the way it is or if it needs something more....

I am aspireing to be a makeup artist, and I'd say I do a fair job, but in the  make-up industry 'fine' just dosen't cut it. I need to be great, and I'd like to be at least almost average before I even consider  enroling in a beauty school, that and i'll need my GED.

and my Granny wants me to live with her, and to get me tested for autism, now granted I know I have something of the like, but this is the woman who denyed the posibility and generaly hated autism, truth is I don't want to go, she as this constant need to make rude coments, mostly to my mother, and thats why she moved away long ago, because they got under her skin,  lately she's been doing the same to my sister, who has just let it all slide, and it's got me concerned that the only reason she wants me there is to do it to me, becase she knows, I'm worse at it, I would not be able to let it go, another reason not to go, she always has to have a 'project' something to fix,  and I don't realy want to be fixed(XD srry sounded a bit wrong) because ther is nothing worng with me, well at least nothing worng that she woukdent fix were it wrong with her.

5/13/09 08:36 am - Random post of randomocity!

yeah I don't realy know what I'm talking about today, just wanted to update my LJ.. mostly this is mesages to various comunitys I belong to.

to the people of capslockgate; I know I havent posted in a realy long time.. I promise to post some seriously funny shiz either today or tomarow

GroovySmoothe: my forst fanfiction is going good, I had a slight bit of writers block, and due to that I had to make some changes in the plot, and I think I need a new title for it but don't worry, it will be multi chaptered, and awesome. I did omit a portion of it, but that's because I realized, it made no sence(whatsoever) to the story. But don't wory! I'll post it to Groovy smoothe for those who want to read it, as a drabble.. as soon as i've edited it 

Knitting:  I've been working on  THIS  lovely patern, brought to you by the user shigella
  It's going realy well, I've  reversed it    and used red yarn and I plan to crochet around it in black, to add a little flair I hope it turn out well

well, that's all for now check back soon for more!

5/10/09 09:50 pm - Genreal complaint of the... when ever i feel like it, gosh!

Today's rant is centered mostly around STAR TREK!! now I'm not realy a diehard fan, but It was awesoem!! however what was totaly not awesome(at all) was the Trekie in front of me, a middle aged womam.. who in my opinon was acting more like a twilight fangirl than a Trekie, I finaly got fed up when she(in blatiant obviousness) shoute "It's scotte!*Squee*"  an I was thinking No shit really? I did not even notice.. I thought he was FAKING his wicked cool SCOTISH! accsent! but  I said to her "Excuse me, but I did not pay good money  to hear you talk" and I was surprized at how Bitchy I sounded... I think I actualy scared her a bit...(MUAHHAHAH!!) after that she stayed quiet, mostly.

also, to you Trekies out there... Is it wrong for me to want there to have been a Old Spock/Young Spock story line?

also I admit to getting a bit "fangirly" in the middle.. but I said nary a word, nor a sound(well exept when I Bitched at that Trekie...)

5/8/09 07:56 am - things that are evil(aka not good!)

the idea for this blog/rant has been broght to you in part by Mcdonalds; McDonalds,  I'm lovin it! ^_^

anyway on to the real reason you're here for, to hear me bitch about stuff... again!

I wasen't going to rant today, but after I went to mcdonalds I had to!  Mcdonalds itself isn't evil, but it seems, evrytime I walk over to the one down the street... yes,  I live less than a miile away from Mcdonalds.. and I am incredibly fat.. coincidence.. i think not!  back to what I was taking about; nearly every time when I go there, wearing flipflops for shoes... THEY LITERALY HAVE TO BREAK!!!  and no not just a mear pice of fom off the sides.. but the part that goes between your toes!   and to make matters worse, the road back to my house is paved with rocks.. and sometimes glass.. and even without the glass.. it'[s a bitch to walk on bare footed! well, this time I got lucky, my mum was home so I called her and told her to come get me.. well that's it for now.. so fat the only 'good thing' that came of today ws I got a free iced mocha since I had a coupon!

 check with me later.. posibly even today.. ya never know when something's gonna go wrong.. and with me, usualy it's at the worst posible time >_<  

4/30/09 10:07 pm - Ichbinfliegen and the teribble horible no good rotten day! :(

ok, this part is large and in red cuz it's important.. if you are a guy of the male pursuasion STOP READING THIS!!!!!! there are certain parts about 'lady problems'! and I know most of u guys don't wanna hear about it!

the day in question would be today(April 30th) bad event's taking place between 4-10 PM central time and yes ok some events were ok, but mosty it was bad! :(  anyway what hapened? I'll tell ya what happened! I got up at 6;30 AM(as always) and the day was goin all hunky dory.. I watched some news, ate breakfast.. taped a few soap operas for a friend, watched a few episodes of iCarly(my new favorite show/guilty pleasure)then, and this is when the horibblenes starts, I run errnds with my mum.. and when we get done we got to pick up my dad from work(we only haz one vehicle... well one that works) and I had had a bit too much Capri sun, so I had to go! well first we stop at a Dollar General.... >_< their bathrom is outta order!... then we go to a gas station.. tolits all look like someone already had a go in em, but hey, I had to go so fucking bad!! so after that got done I decide hey, what the hell, I'm gonna buy two energy drinks! so I do..... at wich time I drink one, thenn wehn mum and I went to go get burgerking for diner they think it'd be totaly wicked to give me a fish sandwich with cheese and picles and may and katchup and...*barf*  WHEN I TOTALY ORDERED A VEGGIE BURGER AND DAMNIT THEY FUCKEN TOTALY KNEW I DID!!!! IT WAS ON THE MOTHERFUCKIN RECIPT EVEN!!!!  so I decide to call and do the little survey thing on the back of the recipt, I answered almost every question with either poor or fair.. even if it wasent! :D and then I realized.. my time of the month must be comeing up, cuz im normaly not such a bitch, so I go get some pads.. first store I go to dosen't have the size I use.. so I have to go soemwehre else.. so I do.. and I remember the $3 off couponI had stashed in my wallet.. so at least that was good... and then, for some reason, mum insists I go to a gas station to get soem chocolate bars and I;'m all WTF?! but, I do it anyways.. and wiatin in line this guy behind me says :"you have red hair" and then asks me ifI have green eyes(theyre blue), and I was like finaly something good today! even though the guy was like.. 40 or soemthing.. still a complement;s a complent!. and then finaly we got home, just in time for me to drown my anger in an energy drink and a chocolate(hey, I'm too young to have alcohal!) 

so to recap todays events:

Energy Drinks
veggie burgers
getting revenge on one local of a  certain chain of resterants Burger King via automated survye phoneline :D
complements(even if they are from guys at  gas staions in their 40's)

getting a fish sandwich wehn everyoine knows you ordered a veggie burger >_<

not getting a vegiee burger when you ordere it!

Burger King, that's right I said it, I hate burger King! the ony good thing about them are Their Veggie burgers(if thwsy acutaly give you one when you order it!!!?) and their fries.. other than that just don't fucking go therer!!!

out of order bathrooms

Menstral bleeding :*(

AND JUST PLAIN UGLY(soem have not been featured in this rant):

Crazy  sorta reletives who might sorta(but not realy) kidnap your nephew(long story)

crazy sorta relltives(same as above) who are like total BFFS with one of your closest friends

crazy sorta reliteve who  is getting maried soon and will hopefully leave my family the fuck alone

the posiblity that even if the above happens, 18 years from now all chahos will break out and the'eir will be a whole fucked up batshit crazy family fude

for now at least, I can take solice in the fact that my nephew is a little baby, and dosen't know that 'daddy' isn't a part of his life,  that 'daddy' abused mommy. and I have so much respect for my sister for dumping him when she had finaly had enough of his crap and abuse. in a perfect world I woulden't have to worrry about any of this, but this isn't a perfect world, and all I can do is sit by and watch hopeing that everything will be ok, being there when it's not, comforting those that need it.  well taths all I gotta sa right now thanks for listening.

4/27/09 06:17 am - Writer's Block: Musical Affliction

Have you had an earworm lately? Exorcise it by inflicting it on your friendslist. Post the lyrics or - even better - a video.
OMG all the time, I just never knew that's what it was! It may sound strange, but.. I have earworms in the shower @_@

4/23/09 02:26 pm - my top 6 ^_^

mmkay, I've been wanting to do this for a long time.. but just never got around to it.... .

ok, up first

Foundation/face products:

Covergirl's clean makeup(liquid) I use Ivory(105), but it's a little darker than my skin tone, don't get me wrong, it gives great coverage and all but I wish they had lighter shades...

Covergirl's clean makeup Pressed Powder, I use the same shade as the liquid makeup, and I like it a little better, it's less pigmented and closer to my skintone

Wet 'N' Wild's tinted moisturizer. I use 181(nude) and I love how it makes my skin feel, It does smell a little weird, but that's the SPF15

Jane cosmetics; blushing cheeks cheek shapers in  Wine and Petal


Avon's eyeshadows are ahmaxzing! I realy like teh Heavenly Hazels Quad, but I think its been discontenued... my other favorite is their true color  Clasic neutral light Duo

Jane I got an eye zing mix & match in Jewel tones and I love it!!!I mostly use the white, gold and silver shades

Wet 'N' Wild, Mega eyes this is the first shadow i used, my faviorites are Lagoon(discontenued) and Wicked(I found this out by accedent, but this shade looks realy cool over a gold shade, such as the one from the previous eyeshadow)

I don't realy know the name of this one but it only sells at Hot topic, and it's so great! I only have a red one(looks pink if you go light) I want to get more...


ok I only have one 'favorite'... so 

my all time favorite mascara is N.Y.C.'s  waterproof mascara in jet black, it comes in a bulte tube, and I am not shitting you when I say it lasts through tears, rain, sweat...  this shit is so great!


I like mostly pencil

Wet N Wild: they have so many shades, and all of them are awesome! but wet n wild also has a realy great liquid liner, I only have Dark brown, and it looks almost black

NYC: again, awesoem, my favorite is their white liner

also the liners at hot topic are good too


ok here comes the boatload! XD

Lip products:

my absolute favorite lip product ever!:  NYC's roll on lipgloss in Watermellon  what's not to love it tastes great, and plus, with a roll on aplicator you never apply too much!! 
I love my Wet N wild mega lips Moody Mauve, it's sorta a bright pink
Burts Bees lip balm, I got a tin of thei Beeswax lip balm like.. 3 years ago and I haven't eben used up half of it it lasts forever!
Palmers Cocoa buttar formula Dark chocolate peppermint lip butter, is it a glos or a balm, it's both!
 Mad Gabs Lip lube in spearmint, I don't know if this is sold comercialy or whatever, but I found this in the nicknak section of Books A Million for $1!
Wet N Wild Lipgloss this stuf is great! I only have one that's a sorta greyish purple(562A)
NYC's Lip sliders tinted lipbalm in Sugar kiss(a midium sheer pink) 
Smackers lipgloss/balm I love their Moca jolt gloss it smells like Starbucks! ^_^ 
Cover girl's Wetslicks frout spritzer in Strawberry, and their AmazeMint(love the flavor!) in Red Riot, both are sheer, but still a great buy

4/19/09 10:15 pm - OMG!!! Ultimate winnage!!!!!

ok today(aka, mai birthdai!!!) was pretty much the best evahr!! I finaly got some more waterproof mascara... and eyeshadow and three chocolate bars...  and then... my parents got me a Moto-Razr cell phone(coz mi old one was nawrt workin) it's so fly... I can use my headphones from my ipod to listen to my calls! pluss!!!!!!!! the whole front screen is a mirror.. kinda like the LG shineOMFG THE FUCKING THING HAS MOTHAFUKIN FM RADIO!!!!!!!!

4/17/09 04:24 pm - sales.. i findz them!!!!!!!?!!?

OMFG! GUYS!!! I went to Books a million(and walmart) and I spent $32.. now  for me that's usualy an exesive price buuuuuut... one I needed bright blue yarn for my stargate craft project... and then I decided I needed a copy of Twilight.. I went in to BAm for that, and that alone.. and I spent $30!!!  buuuuuuuut aside from Twilight EVERYTHING I bought was on clerance!!! I finaly completed my Alex Rider colection(I think.. is there another book after Snakehead?!) I got all 7 for under $4 each!(granted.. all but one were paperback....)

but anyway.. what I bought:

Twilight w/ promo cover(paperback)
Wraith(has nothing to do with SGA sadly :( ) paperback
Bloodlines book 2(hardcover)
point Blank
Eagle Strike
I also got a tin of spearmint lipbalm

and rounded up to the nearest dollar range, all seven cost around:  $85.. so in short, paaying about $4 per book, I saved  aproxamately $55?!?! @_@  not that I would have spent that much... tune in next month to see what happens when I go in to get one book again!

and I still haven't found what I'm looking for finished reading all the books I got last year!

and that is why I only go into booksamillion 1-2 times a year....

and oh yea.. I bought a Cactus yesterday.. a red headed Irishman... the neighbors pets come into our yard so I'm keeping it in my room... dose it need real sunlite to live?... the lightbulb in my room is flurecent
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